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The energies in September 2019

The Energies in September 2019   The energies are very similar to the ones in August, still calculated, a bit cold, very reasonable and also nervous, but as well we will have more sense of going out, spoiling ourselves and celebrate. It’s also the time of the Jewish New Year holidays. This month still has [...]

Your energies for August 2019

The Energies in August 2019   Even we are still in summer and maybe on vacation like me, the energies in this month are very calculated, even cold, our reasoning mind is very strong and our nerves feel under attack. The month of August has very strong water energies, which means we will have more patience; [...]

The energies in July 2019

The Energies in July 2019   The summer break is here and it's the time for vacation, family and traveling. The July is the month of the Goat, which is related to family, creativity, easy-going chillout, nature… to make it simple, it’s time for family and for vacation! The Goat belongs to the earth element [...]

The energies in June 2019

The Energies in June 2019   Yeahhh, we survived the most difficult month of this year! From now on it should get a bit easier. The June is the Horse month. Now try to imagine the behavior of a horse: very sensitive, easily spooked, full of temper, grazing peacefully one moment and running in full [...]

The energies in May 2019

The Energies in May 2019   The Snake is not our most beloved pet animal and as such the symbol of the Snake represents some issues regarding the fire element. Like the very fast and unpredictable strike of the snake in nature, the fire will erupt suddenly and unexpectedly, like in shootings and explosions. The [...]

The energies in April 2019

The Energies in April 2019   Wow, the energies are very strong and powerful, very spiritual and exciting, but not easy at all! It’s going to be a very "interesting" month with much practical power and lots of clashing energies.   The clashes can actually influence all aspects of life, but are mainly connected to [...]

The energies in March 2019

The Energies in March 2019 By Anette Halfon   It will be very busy, emotional, nervous and much more.   As every New Year, it started with powerful and also problematic energies with lots of accidents, storms and casualties. But now in March the energies are still very fast and energetic, but also softer and [...]

The Feng Shui corrections for the year of the Pig 2019

Dear friends,   February the 4th 2019 starts the   Chinese New Year of the Pig   To turn the energies of this year to our benefit, to success and to happiness, it's important to watch a few rules, take some precautions and be ready for changes. 1. Protective measures for your home and office: [...]

The Energies in January 2019

The Energies in January 2019 We are in the middle of the turmoil of energies, the old ones are fading and the news ones storming in.   Let’s see what that means for us... The January has very strong energetic and also practical energies, is down to earth, responsible and work and family minded in [...]

The energies in December 2018

The Energies in December 2018 They are strong and energetic, let’s see what is waiting for us. The December has very strong energetic and also thoughtful energies with some pressure on the water and the fire elements. That’s why, be aware around water and also fire, especially with all the candles in this time of [...]

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