Feng Shui & Money

By Anette Halfon

In Old China, like in the entire antic world, life was dependent on water. Most businesses were along waterways, lakes and the sea. Along these waters there were constant movements of ships, boats, people, and work and trading, which means making money. That’s why till today, water is connected to money.

You seldom find a Chinese restaurant or any Asian business without a small water feature near the entrance. It is right, that water can affect money matters very positively, but you must be careful! Water in the wrong place may cause great and immediate damage!

In every Feng Shui book you will find the warning to keep your toilets closed, because otherwise the money runs away. This is important because of the connection between water and money. When the lid is open, you can see the water flushing down and symbolically you see your money being drained.

On another level you can also understand, that a person watching his dirty waters, is a type who is giving importance to unnecessary details in life.

During a consultation we explained once to a client, why she should rather close the door to the toilet and her reaction showed exactly her priorities in life as she said: “My toilets are so beautiful! It’s a joy to look at them.” We had no further commands.

If you have a water feature in or near your home and your financial and overall situation and health are fine, don’t touch the water and don’t make any changes!

If you want to place a new aquarium or table fountain, be very alert what’s happening in the next few days and the following week. In case there are sudden problems like fines from the police or city hall, any new health problem or any other negative surprises, get rid of your new water feature at once! These happenings are related to the energetic constellation in every house and each room, which is a very complicated issue itself. Any water feature can enhance positive energies or wake up the negative ones.

Before you start building your pool, do yourself a favor and ask an expert to find the right place. That’s why we are here for you!