Love is in the air

By Anette Halfon

Everybody is looking for love, romance and a good relationship. In almost all my consultations relationship issues are attended and people are seeking to strengthen their love life or to find it. Feng Shui can certainly help to improve or attract love into our lives.

According to Feng Shui every part of your home according to its direction is related to a special family member and certain issues in life: health, prosperity, luck, peace of mind, leisure time, advertising, career and also romance and relationship. Today we want to address all areas in your home connected to love and intimacy.

We prepared for you some small tips that can make a big difference in your love life.

There are three important places in your home which are influencing relationship, love and romance:

1. Your bedroom
2. The backyard of your house or the building you live in
3. The south–west
area in your home

1. Your bedroom

Have a good look at your bedroom.  I’ve seen lots of different bedrooms:   “naked” ones with just a bed and a wardrobe, bedrooms which were used as storage, office and other purpuses … and even a bedroom showing boxes with the ashes of dead loved animals. No comment on the last one!

couple-picMany times people who live alone put their bed along the wall, so it takes up less space, but it also has no space for another person. Therefore if you are looking for a partner it is very important to be prepared for him or her and to make room for another person at your home, in your bed and in your life. When you are ready, move your bed away from the wall and your spouse will come.

My tip: 

Make an effort to improve the atmosphere in your bedroom with quiet colors and things that make you feel good (candles, decorations, pillows …). Try to reduce electronic equipment as much as possible; they are putting you under pressure. Add some photos of your wedding or of other happy moments. If you are not living in a relationship yet, put some pictures that represent relationship and love for you.

Always remember: It must be a pleasure for you to enter your bedroom!

2. Your backyard

Our backyard shows the quality of our relationships within our family and our marriage and is therefore very important. I remember making a consultation visit in a private house due to a family crisis. I found their backyard in a very poor and neglected state. I asked the woman to describe what she sees while looking at her backyard and she began complaining: “It’s all dried up, there was this storm and this bad neighbor does not want to pay part of the fence …” Then I asked the husband to have a look and was astonished at what he said: “I see a pool with lounge chairs, flowers all around, a new high fence and … ” In his intuition he saw all the potential of the place, of his family and of his marriage. But at their current state this potential was not used at all and their relationship and marriage was in a bad crisis. After both, husband and wife, understood the meaning of the place, they worked on it together to renew their backyard and really did manage to save their marriage and their family.

3. The South-West room

The third area in your home which is connected to your romance life is: the south-west area in your home and even in every room. So take a compass and have a look what room is located in your south-west.

Give this area your uttermost attention and improve the atmosphere there. 

For example, put fresh flowers or a symbol of love there, make order and arrange the room nicely. Everything that is happening in the south-west of your home, even the south-west corners in each room, is directly affecting your relationship and potential of love.

With a little bit of willpower and a little bit of attention to these three places in your home, you really can improve your love life or attract love and romance into your life. 

Wishing you good luck and lots of love and romance