The beneficial influence of colors

By Anette Halfon
October 2016

Colors have energy and their energy is a big influence on us. They can be soothing and comforting; others are waking up, calling for attention, or healing, with antiseptic or spiritual qualities…   There is a whole rainbow of colors, each of them with its own power and influence. We have colors that we like and are drawn to wear or use them as wall colors, decoration or accent giving accessories in our home. Other colors we hardly use or even avoid at all.

In this article we would like to bring some order in the rainbow of colors and explain the quality and character of many colors, that you will be able to use them for your benefit, to lift your mood and to your advantage.

blackLet’s start with dark blue or black, a common choice when going to an official banquet or meeting. Yes, it makes you look slimmer, more serious and more thoughtful. These colors will help you to think, to be more introvert and serious. When you want to read a philosophical book, then take a black or dark blue blanket and you will feel alone in the world of your thoughts.


greenThen you have the green, light blue and blue-greenish colors. These are the colors of fresh leaves, forest and grass in springtime. Just imagine these colors and you start breathing and finding yourself in nature. This freshness and youngness will influence everyone wearing it or being in a surrounding with these colors.

Did you notice that most hospitals have green or turquoise curtains and dividers? That’s not a random style of choice, not at all! The fresh greens have even antiseptic and healing aspects. So if you need some extra energy – that’s your choice, go green! But if you paint your child’s bedroom in a fresh light blue or green and the little one will absolutely not fall asleep, don’t wonder! He probably doesn’t need more extra energy.

redAll the red shades are calling: attention, look at me, love me!!! Why do we ladies wear red lipstick? It’s simple, we want to be kissed! The red colors from a soft pink to dark red and purple influence our emotions and feelings; they open up, helping conversation and communication. It’s a perfect choice to use some red shades in the living room or anywhere we want to encourage socializing, talking or emotional interactions. Off course it has to be done in proportions, otherwise each color when using it too much, is too dominant and can be choking.

brownThe earth shades from yellow, brown, orange to beige give a homely feeling of security and comfort like a hot chocolate on a cold winter day. But be careful these colors will open your appetite and their coziness prevents from getting up and do some activities. That’s why they are also not ideal for people who are fighting some extra weight.

We did an experiment in a kindergarten: kids who liked to eat too much were given a green plate with the result that they ate less. And on the other hands kids they needed to eat a bit more, were given a yellow/orange plate and started to eat more!

greyFinally the white and grey scales which indicate style, elegance, cleanness and order, are best for concentration, spirituality and mental work. By wearing these colors we are enhancing all these aspects. This is very important when you deal with hyperactive children. When they are wearing green and red colors or being in a room with too much of these colors, they simply go nuts. On the other hand while wearing white or grey and /or being in an environment which is mostly white or grey painted, they will be much more concentrated and relaxed. Of course this is very general and the personal constellation has to be accounted too.

Also each year, month and day has its own energies and can be balanced by wearing the most harmonizing colors each day. Our new online service “The Feng Shui Rainbow colors” will provide you with the right color/s each day, that you will feel balanced and in harmony with the energies around you.

Balance your energies of each day by wearing the right and harmonizing colors. Feel and live the difference!

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