The Energies in February 2018


The New Chinese Year is starting with lots of turmoil in activities and energies.


Strong power is coming up, no patience, strong determination, uprising, even aggression and practical solutions. It is like fast-growing plants everywhere, in all places and locations, fascinating and scaring to the same time.

There is much pressure on the water and earth elements,
which means that we have to be a bit more careful around water (sea, ocean, rivers, ships …) and that there might be some more incidents involving the earth element like accidents, car crashes, buildings, bridges and even earth quakes.

So drive very carefully and try to avoid extreme activities around water, like water skiing as a beginner or other fast and dangerous activities. Also, its not the best timing to climb the highest mountain or make an exhausting dessert trail.

February is the month of the Wood Tiger.

It will start having impact from Feb. 4 to March 4. 2018.

The Tiger is a very dominant and strong yang or male sign among the 12 Zodiac animals. Its general energies are related to realistic thinking, power and aggression, quick decisions, determination, strong ego and lots of actions and pressure.

For the following, you will have to know your Year animal or the Chinese animal of the year you were born. If you are not sure, please see our article:

All of you born in the years of Dog, Horse and Pig:

This month is going to be great for you!

All of you born in the years of Monkey and Snake:

please take a few precautions.

First of all: take it easy and don’t get nervous about everything!!!

Don’t exaggerate in any activity!

Don’t do any extreme or dangerous sport!

Be careful driving and follow the rules!

The Chinese remedy: take a Pig charm with you in this month.

All the other Zodiac years are doing just fine!

Our advice for everyone in February:

Take it easy.

Make lots of relaxing and easy exercise.

Eat lots of fresh fruits, you need Vitamin C.

Watch your diet and digestion.

Don’t wear too much green, light blue or turquoise!

Keep the East room in your home as quiet as possible!