The Energies in June 2019


Yeahhh, we survived the most difficult month of this year! From now on it should get a bit easier.

The June is the Horse month. Now try to imagine the behavior of a horse: very sensitive, easily spooked, full of temper, grazing peacefully one moment and running in full gallop the next. That means we are awaiting an interesting month full of action, emotions, ups and downs – a real Luna park of happenings.

The Horse belongs to the strong fire element which is also related to the heart and blood pressure or stroke like in the previous month. If you suffer of any of these health problems, take it very easy this month and don’t add additional stress or pressure, if possible.

The fire related dangers can again like in May be from actual fires, electricity and internet problems to all air and flight issues.


Due to the fact that there is again no water element present in this month’ constellation, that means that water is under pressure and will erupt also in a more boastful way like ship accidents, flooding or a pipeline leakage at home or in nature.

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This June will be “interesting” again, because of the sensitive and emotional aspect, but the biggest clash of this year is behind us.

But always be careful and check at least your problematic days, not to schedule important things (signing contracts, doctor’s appointment, operations or travelling…) on these days.

Here is the list of the problematic days for each of you. Off course you will have to consult our Feng Shui calendar, which is an essential tool for everyone and each business.


Your Year or Zodiac animal Problematic days
Rat Horse
Ox Goat
Tiger Monkey
Rabbit Rooster
Dragon Dog, Dragon
Snake Pig
Horse Rat, Horse
Goat Ox
Monkey Tiger
Rooster Rabbit, Rooster
Dog Dragon
Pig Snake, Pig


If you want to check your Year animal or the Chinese animal of the year, you were born, please see our article:


June 2019 is the month of the Metal Horse.

It will start having impact from June 6 to July 7, 2019.



All of you born in the years of Dog, Tiger and Goat:

This month is going to be great for you!


The Horse holds a special blessing

for all born in

1931, 1941, 1951, 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011


Always remember, the Chinese year start at the beginning of February 4th or 5th usually until the February of the following year.


The Horse promises romance and lots of social activity


All the Snake, Roosters and Oxen

and all born in

1934, 1944, 1954, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004 and 2014


1935, 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005 and 2015


All of you born in the years of the Rat and Horse:

please take a few precautions.

  • Take it easy!
  • Don’t exaggerate in any activity!
  • Don’t do any extreme or dangerous sport!
  • Be careful driving and follow the rules!
  • The Chinese remedy:

Horses, take a Goat charm with you in this month;

Rats, you take a Pig charm.


  • Dear Horses, this is a month of “self-punishment “for you, which means, don’t get yourself into trouble! Stay calculated and don’t react too emotionally!


All the other Zodiac years are doing just fine!


Our advice for everyone in June:

  • Add salt in all windows or doors to the East.
  • Don’t have any activity like clocks, electronic equipment or machines in the East.
  • Drive very carefully.
  • In this month we should get more Omega 3; so add fish to your diet.
  • Drink more water.
  • Go swimming.
  • Best colors in this month are black, blue and green.
  • Keep the East rooms and corners in your home as quiet as possible.


Have a romantic month of June

with lots of fun and friends