The Energies in March 2019

By Anette Halfon


It will be very busy, emotional, nervous and much more.


As every New Year, it started with powerful and also problematic energies with lots of accidents, storms and casualties. But now in March the energies are still very fast and energetic, but also softer and homelier; but yes, they are very busy and full of emotions and nerves.

The Spring holidays Easter and Passover are approaching and such many activities at home.

It’s the ideal time for a thorough cleaning to get rid of the old energies and make room for new ones.

Like in February there is still very strong fire in the atmosphere,
which means that we have to be a bit more careful around open fire (oven, cooking, explosives …) and that there might be some more incidents involving fire like shooting or fire outburst or flight incidents.

As the fire element is creating more earth, there are also more incidents to be expected like accidents, car crashes and even earth quakes.

The high fire creates also strong emotions and nerves and is not ideal for all suffering from high blood pressure or any heart issues.


So, calm down,

don’t over-react,

drive very carefully

and don’t play with the fire!


March 2019 is the month of the Fire Rabbit.

It will start having impact from March 6 to April 5. 2019.


For the following, you will have to know your Year animal or the Chinese animal of the year you were born. If you are not sure, please see our article:


All of you born in the years of Rabbit, Goat and Pig:

This month is going to be great for you!


All of you born in the years of Rooster:

please take a few precautions.


First of all: take it easy and don’t lose your patience!

Don’t exaggerate in any activity!

Don’t do any extreme or dangerous sport!

Be careful driving and follow the rules!

The Chinese remedy: take a Dog charm with you in this month.

But there is also a surprise for the Roosters, see the following😊


All the other Zodiac years are doing just fine!


This month of January has a special Blessing

for all born in the years:

(only from Feb.4 to Feb.3 the following year)

Pig and Rooster


A Blessing means “Help out of the blue” and protection in all situations. It’s going to be a great month!


Our advice for everyone in March:

  • Do a home- and office cleaning and clearing.
  • Don’t exaggerate in any exercise.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits, you need Vitamin C.
  • Watch your heart, diet and digestion.
  • Don’t wear too much green, light blue, turquoise or all the red shades from pastel pink to dark burgundy!
  • Keep the South and the South-west rooms in your home as quiet as possible in this month!


Have blessings and fun in this month 😊