Weak and displaced joints run in my family. 

I told you already about my Mom’s Arthritis and that she feels much better.
That made me thinking.
My joints are also not in best shape
and for years inflammation was attacking

once my hips, then the ankle, knee and so on.
My favorite sport is Krav Maga (Israeli Fighting),

but after each serious training,

I needed my acupuncturist to fix me up and

then I had to rest for weeks.


All the Orthopaedic doctors in Netanya know me.

Their prescription drugs and steroid injections

usually helped for a month or maximum two

and then the pain started in another joint.


I asked one physician, why do I have this?

His answer was: “Better ask, why you and not your neighbor!”

The physicians didn’t have an answer for my problem.


Each time I had to go for longer walks, climb stairs,

city walks on hard surfaces …,

the pain started until every step was an agony.

As a result, I started limping, even I tried to hide it.


Even at nights my hips and knees were hurting

that it was difficult to fall asleep without taking a pain killer.

And I don’t like taking any drugs!!!


Then I saw the results of Prodigy 5 on my Mom

and was thinking of my upcoming US Tour, that was planned for October.


My schedule started in Los Angeles, which is no problem

because I am driving from place to place by car,

no walking involved.


But New York, this amazing city with all the great subways, endless walking and stairs…

That gave me the idea to try the Prodigy 5.

Clothing Co. (5)

It was three weeks before I arrived to NY, when I started taking this supplement.

My last day in NY, on the bus from New Jersey to Manhattan, I realized:

It was my first stay in NY ever,

that I had no pain!!!


More and more people are discovering these great natural supplements.

You need to try it!




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The most fundamental nutrient on the planet, phytoplankton are microscopic plant-based organisms that generate most of the world’s oxygen. Phytoplankton, found naturally in both salt and fresh water, are a viable source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other micronutrients.



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