What is Feng Shui

By Anette Halfon

Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom of the Chinese people, a special teaching that was carefully kept safe for the kings and the nobles. The Chinese knew the name of it, but not much more.

Under Mao Ze Tung and the communist rulers it was totally forbidden, but used to establish their own power.

Feng Shui was rediscovered and the old teachings left the Chinese borders less than thirty years ago. Since then Feng Shui is conquering the world.

Feng Shui is based on a very accurate observation of nature. The idea is to fulfill ones very own potential and to live in the best and most appropriate way according to the Taoistic teachings:

“Flow with the stream and not against it and be at the right time at the right place!”

With the help of the special Feng Shui techniques it is possible to detect ones inner life according to environment, home and the date of birth. Feng Shui is reflecting our soul and helps us to reach a life full of health and harmony.