Yin & Yang

According to the classic Chinese view, our world and the whole universe are divided into Yin and Yang. One does not exist without the other. These two principles are in contrast, oppose, attract and complete each other. That’s why Yin and Yang are the reason for interaction, for development and for life altogether.

Yang symbolizes the sky, the light, the warmth, the energetically active and rational side and naturally it represents also the man (after classic Chinese order!).

Yin stands for the earth, the cold and the darkness, the emotional, calm and rather passive side and represents also the woman.

Therefore in the famous Yin & Yang symbol the upper half must be the Yang side (in white color), which represents the sky, over the black of the earth, the Yin side. It is interesting that this common symbol is used only very rarely in the correct form and often the black side stands above the white, thus the earth is over the sky. I only hope that the practitioners in the specific clinics know, what they are doing, although they do not know the symbols, which they use.

Yin and Yang are also found in our environment, inside and around our house.

The front side of the house is normally the “Yang” side with many or large windows, entry door and strong energy flow. Here are the “eyes” of your home. This side is open outwards, to the outside world and shows the connection to it. That’s why it is favorable to have movement and traffic there, enhancing our connection to the surroundings, our communication and our work and career. If there is a road or any running water, a fountain or small pool there, it is beneficial, because in the old China, rivers (thus water) were the roads of today. Much movement, traffic and noise mean much Yang, which is good for work, career and money.

The back of the house should be calmer and more intimate. Here more Yin should be found. Normally here are fewer windows and doors, less light, less movement and less noise. Playing children bring much movement and also sometimes noise, i.e. strong and natural Yang energy; however, this does not disturb the intimate and not official Yin character of this side of your home. This area should be alone accessible to your family and symbolizes the respect and communication within the family. The looks of the back side of our home reflex the harmony level in our family! An affectionate hand in the garden or on the terrace works wonders sometimes.