Your Character

According to the Chinese philosophy everything happening in heaven and on earth is following a certain pattern based on the order of the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and their interaction. This is also the basis of Chinese medicine. In Chinese Astrology the date of birth is translated into these 5 elements and according to the amount of each element in a person’s chart one can define important things about his character and life.

Each of us has one element which is his main element, which decides his character, his behavior and his way of acting. If this special element is in balance with the other 4 elements, the person is balanced in his personality and also healthy, if the main element is not balanced, he is not living his life to its full potential and possibilities. By knowing your inner strength you may overcome the deficits and reach more balance, health and harmony in life.

Wood persons:

A strong wood person has strong power to take actions and decisions. He doesn’t take no for an answer.

He wants to break boundaries and take control over others. Management in general and competition are suitable for him. He needs challenges. He is a domineering and sometimes even  an aggressive person. He must work under pressure to be able to operate at his best.

The best picture for this kind of person is a strong tree. But the danger of a tree is that it may break in a storm.

A famous strong wood person: Britney Spears

Fire persons:

Picture a bonfire.

To this person feelings come easy. He represents romance, spontaneity, warmth, spirituality and empathy. Managements and advertising would suit him. He is dramatic and agitated, he needs society. With his verbal skills he can” sell ice to the Eskimos”!

A famous fire person: Albert Einstein

Earth persons:

Picture a high mountain.

These people are very practical, steady and realistic. They need routine, security and a home of their own. They are busy with work and family at all times. As nature lovers they would prefer a private house with a garden. As earth persons they believe only what they see or hear! They are usually strong and healthy.

Famous earth persons: Celine Dion and Donald Trump

Metal persons:

Picture a hard sword.

Strong metal people are very critical of themselves and are highly self disciplined. They are organized and feel a need for stability and perfection. They are always looking for justice and truth and they can pinpoint people’s weaknesses. They are very good at diagnosing a situation because they understand the root of the problem. They are uncompromising people – things that are defect need to be changed; what is not real has to be done without. They are very independent people, and they need to be financially independent to do their job.

Famous metal persons: Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie

Water persons:

Picture the sea.

Water people are streaming like a river. They are introvert; they have depth and are quiet with a lot of ideas. They are always ready to put others in the first room. They are like water that takes the shape of its vessel; they can adapt themselves to any situation. They work harder than anyone; they are perseverant and talk often with a monotonic voice. They are born philosophical and they are on the look-out for truth. They are strong willed, with knowledge and a very good memory. They live in an internal world; they are quiet and distant. They can turn to become very cynical and skeptical. They get along fine by themselves but not always with others. Therefore they do not need company. Their internal search makes them sometimes hypochondriacs; they are constantly looking for symptoms, and fear the worst. They have the Poker face; you will never know what they are thinking.

Famous water persons: Bill Gates and Dalai Lama

Of course all these characters are only the classic examples. There are also much softer or different characters, depending on the whole constellation of all the elements during birth.

Did you recognize yourself? Which character suits you best? Who would you like to be? Of course our personality usually contains more or less all of the Five Elements together. But only one element is our Main Element, our strength and potential. That’s why it is very important to strengthen it and thus to strengthen our ability to take actions and make our deeds efficient.

You may check out your main element in the 4 Pillars calculator which you find on our homepage. The element showing in the Day pillar, is you main element.