Every House tells its Story

 by Anette Halfon

Today we want to show you, what your home has to tell about you, because the home itself is revealing a lot of details about its inhabitants’ behavior or character.

Fence and gate

Many landlords build a huge wall with a closed gate around their home to prevent others to peep in and watch every move. It’s right, that the wall or fence protects one’s privacy. But as you already learned, a wall in the front means an obstacle to career, success at work and communication with the world outside.

I want to explain the problem with the picture of a man with sunglasses. The glasses protect his eyes from the sun, but they also hide his eyes. Because one cannot see his eyes and while talking to him, you don’t really know where to look into. If you cannot look into his eyes, you cannot see the person, because the eyes give a look into his soul.

That’s the same situation at home. A high wall or fence around the home means: We don’t want you to see us! Entrance is allowed only after invitation and appointment before coming.

There are famous or very important people, who have to protect their privacy that way. But for any regular person, there is no need for this. We need the connection to the outside; we need a good relationship with others. We want to receive new tings, surprises and opportunities. Off course we have to watch for our security and not to leave the door open for anyone. The general idea is clear: to be open and ready to receive all the good things to happen. Only sometimes there may be also some negative experiences. But there is no good without bad.


The readiness to welcome visitors you can see also according to the plants on your way to the entrance door. Flowers and gentle vegetation is inviting, is making you feel good and relaxed. But often we meet cactuses and sharp thorns on the way.

The one who chooses to put plants like this shows also that he has a character with “thorns”, a person who doesn’t want to be approached easily and also a person with a certain aggression.

So please: Take off the thorns from your garden and from yourself! We don’t want to attack anyone that is coming to our home. There are a lot of people, who are worth inviting them!

The front and the backyard

We stay a moment longer outside the house and have a look at our front and our backside. Where is it nicer kept? Where do you feel better and spend more time there? Where are flowers and plants with a lovely smell? According to these things one can see the priorities in your life: career and the outside world or relationship within the family.

I know a family with the most beautiful front garden, but the back is totally neglected, dry and sad. It is very obvious, that in this family all the energy goes toward outside, to their career and their impression on others. They didn’t have to tell me about their problems at home.

Then you also see the exact opposite. That’s why, take a moment and think about yourself and your home: Where do you put your priority and look what’s happening in your front or in your back!

The shape of your home

Also the shape of the building shows about its inhabitants if they are looking for stability and security or a life under pressure and excitement. It doesn’t matter if you are renting and changing the apartment every now and then or if you were planning your home from the scratch. In any case we always look and find the place that fits our ideas and our mind. What we have got in our mind, we reflect in our home.

That’s why a person who seeks quietness and harmony in life, will live in a more or less rectangular house in a quiet neighborhood and the one who wants action, competition, adventure and excitement all the time will choose an unsymmetrical house in a very busy area near to the center of town.

An up side down pyramid building

Many high office buildings are built in such a way, that the upper floors are broader than the lower floors. For the companies in the lower floor this means that one hand they show an exaggerated self confidence as if they can hold the whole world on their shoulders and on the other hand there is a terrible pressure on the firm and the danger to go bankruptcy. All the buildings weight presses on them and there is a real danger in case of collapsing.

Life in an “aquarium”

Living in a home full of large oversized windows shows that the materialistic side of life is more important to him than personal relationships. That’s why it is not advisable at all to life in an “aquarium”, there is no privacy, no intimacy and therefore no family.

Stucked windows, which hardly open up

There is also the opposite problem that the windows hardly open or are being stuck at all. This situation indicates communication problems of the tenants; it’s hard for them to express themselves, especially their feelings. They are closed up like their windows. There is no understanding among each other.

Sanitary installation

We are getting into the house and going to check problems and failures. There are houses with constant problems of the sanitary installation. Tabs are dripping, water leaks, and bursting of the pipelines. That kind of problems indicates that emotional problems are not being solved. The tenants don’t take out their inner feelings, leave all the emotions inside themselves, suffer quietly and take all to their heart. So instead of calling the installation guy all the time, you could start talking to each other and take out what is on your heart. It will be cheaper at the end!

Problems with the electricity

Chronicle problems of the television, shortcuts, spoilt machinery in the kitchen and other nerve breaking situations like these point to communication problems, a state of high pressure and too much emotional involvement. The most ideal solution for all of these problems looks to me a very long vacation in nature, far away from everything. This should do wonders!

Cracking in the walls

Because of the earthquakes in and around Los Angeles there are a lot of cracking in the walls and problems of holes, color falling off and so on. These things are related to the breaking of personal borders. America is the land of the unlimited possibilities, there are few boundaries only, and everyone may develop in all the directions and succeed his own way. Especially in California there is a breaking of borders in all the fields, from Hi Tech until the society. As a result people are losing their stability and security. They have nothing to hold on, there are no stable walls around that may protect them.

Today we wrote a bit, maybe too much, about problems and gave you something to think about. In our next article we will tell you where you can find in your home the important places for romance, good luck and money.

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