My tips after a few days on a health farm

Written by Anette Halfon

First of all it’s worth to detoxify the body from time to time. Give your body plenty of vitamins and minerals, movement, relaxation, lectures … you feel just great, but it’s not so easy. On the farm it’s different, there is the friendly staff, the therapists, good atmosphere, and the healthy pressure of the group, the food prepared and served beautifully, no children and no housework. Now back home, things are a little more problematic. But I want to share some tips and new habits that I took myself from this experience.

  1. I stopped drinking coffee and tea, just water with plants like peppermint, sage … simply all the herbs from the garden.
  2. No more alcohol (except maybe half a glass of wine during dinner with friends).
  3. I stopped drinking milk and eating milk products.
  4. As many fresh salads of all kinds and colors and different sprouts.
  5. No mixing of proteins with carbohydrates any more. For example, I can eat salad with potato, pasta, rice … but without chicken. If I want to eat protein, I take a big salad and chicken, fish or meat.
  6. No drinking during dinner.
  7. No eating between meals.
  8. I reduce my portions.
  9. I am chewing well, that’s half work for my digestion.
  10. A cup of wheatgrass every morning on an empty stomach.
  11. I eat only sitting down.
  12. I try to go to sleep early and to get up early.

That’s all. Lets see, how long I can keep up with my good intentions. But if we only keep a few things on the list, it’s a big plus for our health.
I am now just a few days after the farm, and I feel much more power and concentration, even with a severe cold at the moment which is also a cleaning process of the body.

We are what we eat!
Try it, feel well and be healthy.