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Kabbalistic Blessing for Health


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Health is an important issue for all, and should be enhanced in each home.

This unique item of the powerful kabbalistic blessing in our own Feng Shui design by the kabbalistic Artist Odehya is a very high spiritual tool to enhance your health. It might be placed in the East of your home, your bedroom, beside a hospital bed or being a daily companion in your purse.

Very beneficial for your health in general is the daily meditation on the powerful kabbalistic word מ ה ש,  engraved on the wood plate. Even if you dont speak or understand Hebrew, the simple contemplation is strong enough to enhance your health.

Size: 4.7×7.5 cm/ 1.6×3 inch

Material: wood

1 review for Kabbalistic Blessing for Health

  1. Simona

    I have been sick for a long time. Anette gave me this blessing and with all the Feng Shui corrections at home and this kabbalistic blessing in my purse, I feel much better. Than k you!!!

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