The energies in October 2019

The Energies in October 2019 Strong, forceful and practical - yes, there will be lots of work waiting for us all. The energies are very strong, energetic, full of power and agression, not harmonious, combined with hard work and focus on career and family. This month the water energies are under pressure and very weak, [...]

The energies in September 2019

The Energies in September 2019   The energies are very similar to the ones in August, still calculated, a bit cold, very reasonable and also nervous, but as well we will have more sense of going out, spoiling ourselves and celebrate. It’s also the time of the Jewish New Year holidays. This month still has [...]

The Year of the Dog 2018

February the 4th 2018 starts the   Chinese New Year of the Dog To turn the energies of this year to our benefit, to success and to happiness, it's important to watch a few rules, take some precautions and be ready for changes. 1. Protective measures for your home and office: Prepare a sheer or [...]

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