The Energies in November 2017

The energies are quieter and more thoughtful than before.

There are philosophical and humanistic aspects and a tendency for donations and helping others.

November is the month of the Metal Pig.
It will start having impact from

Nov.7.  to Dec.6. 2017.





The Pig is one of the beloved signs among the 12 Zodiac animals.

The general energies are related to thoughtfulness, philosophy, generosity, kind hearts and deeds.


But the Pig is also connected to traffic and as such, drive carefully as always.


For the following, you will have to know your Year animal or the Chinese animal of the year you were born.

If you are not sure, please see our article:


All of you born in the years of Rabbit, Goat, Dog, Rat and Tiger:

This month is going to be great for you and

you probably will be enjoying the calming effect of these energies.


All of you born in the years of Pig and Snake:

  • Please take a few precautions.
  • Don’t exaggerate in any activity!
  • Don’t do any extreme or dangerous sport!
  • Be careful driving and follow the rules!
  • The Chinese remedy: take a Tiger charm with you in this month. 




All the other Zodiac years are doing just fine!


Your daily focus should be on generosity and love!