The Energies in November 2019

Wow, wow, wow – 

here we go. It’s the Pig month in the Pig year, which the Chinese call a “Self-punishment”. So, this month will summarize somehow the problems of this year.

The energies of strong water (the element of the Pig), which means thinking, contemplating and again thinking –  that’s simply too much of thinking. There is a depressive tendency with strong pressure on the fire, which is the emotional area.

Any of the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), that is not balanced, creates problems. In this November we have no metal element, so all related to this field of making order like government, police, justice, health institutions and so on are under pressure and not at their best, to say the least.

The second very not balanced element is the fire, so we can expect emotional ups and downs, sudden fire eruptions, explosions, shooting and other sudden nervous outbursts.

Health wise these imbalances will affect people suffering from back problems, teeth, hair and skin issues, which is related to metal and the fire related problems like blood pressure, heart, thyroids and nerves. So, everyone that has some of these health issues, be more cautious about your health!

But all in all, the Pig has a very kind character and as such let’s hope that kindness and patience will overcome the difficulties.

Still, always be careful and check at least your problematic days, not to schedule important things (signing contracts, doctor’s appointment, operations or travelling…) on these days.

In November the most difficult days are the days of Pig and Snake. On these days, drive very carefully and take it easy!

Here is the list of the problematic days for each of you. Off course you will have to consult our Feng Shui calendar, which is an essential tool for everyone and each business on a daily basis.

Your Year or Zodiac animal   Problematic days
Rat Horse
Ox Goat
Tiger Monkey
Rabbit Rooster
Dragon Dog, Dragon
Snake Pig
Horse Rat, Horse
Goat Ox
Monkey Tiger
Rooster Rabbit, Rooster
Dog Dragon
Pig Snake, Pig

If you want to check your Year animal or the Chinese animal of the year, you were born, please see our article:

November 2019 is the month of the Wood Pig.

It will start having impact from Nov. 8. to Dec. 7.2019.

All of you born in the years of Rabbit, Tiger and Goat:

This month is going to be great for you!

The Pig month holds a special blessing for:

all born in the years of

1936, 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006 and 2016


1937, 1947, 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007 and 2017

Sorry, the Pig is not romantic or very social for anyone.

Always remember, the Chinese year start at the beginning of February 4th or 5th usually until the February of the following year. If you are not sure, you can always ask us.

All of you born in the years of Pig, Monkey, Rooster and Dog:

you will have to work a bit on your social skills!

Go out and have fun, don’t allow yourself to sit at home and get depressed!

All of you born in the year of the Pig and Snake:

please take a few precautions.

  • Don’t exaggerate in any activity!
  • Don’t do any extreme or dangerous sport!
  • Be careful driving and follow the rules!
  • The Chinese remedy:

take a Tiger charm with you the whole year, but especially in this month.

All the other Zodiac years are doing just fine!

Our advice for everyone in the Pig month:

  • Add salt in all windows or doors to the North and the North-East.
  • Don’t have any activity like clocks, electronic equipment or machines in these directions in this month only.
  • Drive very carefully, especially the Pigs and Snakes among you.
  • Do more meditation for positive thinking.
  • Best colors in this month are white, grey, light blue and green, combined with a touch of red shades.
  • Keep the North and the NE rooms and corners in your home as quiet as possible in this month only.
  • If your bed is towards the North and the NE (which would be good in general for this year) move it, when possible.
  • Best directions in November are South, East and NW!

Love and blessings for you in this month

and a happy Thanksgiving!