The Energies in October 2018

As until now this year was not easy on many of us.

This coming month will bring the last and also strongest conflict out.

Let’s see what is waiting for us.

The October month this year has very practical, but cold energies, caring and also calculating.

Strong earth is crushing on the water, which doesn’t show much harmony, but conflict and overpowering.

It’s the Dog month in the Dog year and that’s a little bit of too much Doggy.


These strong and problematic energies will be felt worldwide: accidents, traffic and water related, political uproars, and also family related issues will jump up.

According to your own energetic structure received by birth, this might be an amazing or a challenging month for you.

September is the month of the Water Dog.
It will start having impact from Oct.8 to Nov.7. 2018.


For the following, you will have to know your Year animal or the Chinese animal of the year you were born. If you are not sure, please see our article:


All of you born in the years of Tiger, Rabbit and Horse:

This month is going to be great for you!



All of you born in the years of the Dog, Dragon, Ox and Goat:

please take a few precautions.

  • Don’t exaggerate in any activity!
  • Don’t do any extreme or dangerous sport!
  • Be careful driving and follow the rules!
  • The Chinese remedy: take a Rabbit charm with you in this month.


All the other Zodiac years are doing just fine or even better!


Sorry, there is no special blessing or romance for anyone this month


Our advice for everyone October:

  • Best colors in this month are all but the earth shades like brown, yellow, beige or orange and not too much red shades either!


  • Keep the South-west rooms in your home as quiet as possible!


  • Drive very carefully!


Wishing you a very good month!