Clearing your home

Written By
Anette Halfon

Every religion has at least once a year a holiday to perform a clearing of your soul, to take the time to think about yourself, your life, your achievements and goals, your failures and losses. A day like this connects us with something above our daily life. You can feel the special atmosphere which gives you the strength and hope for another year. One day of clearing our body and soul helps us for a whole year to come.

The same importance has the clearing of your home.

An overload of old stuff or untidiness is not only absorbing dust, but in Feng Shui terminology you describe it, that the flow of energy is disturbed and the place is filling up with negative energies.

A good example is water. When water is standing and not moving, it’s becoming bad and brings sickness and mosquitoes. That’s why it’s very important to make order now and then and keep the place clean, not only because of beauty or health, but also because of the energies.

Not every week you have to clear your home like I describe it further on. But it’s important to perform a clearing before moving into a new home. Because you never know what energies were involved and what happened exactly to the former tenants. Off course you will have to clear thoroughly after a case of death or serious illness.

Some people like to make this ceremony before holidays, maybe just for the good feeling or before a new venture. The ceremony of clearing itself the way I use it, is very easy and simple, you may change it according to your knowledge and needs. That means you may pray the way you are used and comfortable. It is also possible to use Reiki or any other form of meditation.

The clearing ceremony

You need:

– The dried herb Sage or Salvia (other herbs with antiseptic qualities are also possible).

– Salt (kosher or heavy)

– A candle and matches.

– You wipe the floor with salt water. It’s a symbolic act after a thorough cleaning before.

– Then sparkle some salt along all the openings, windows and doors.

– Shower and dress in white clothes. The white color is representing cleanness, a new beginning and connection to the spiritual world.

Light up the candle; put the sage in a metal cup light it up till smoke is appearing. It may be necessary to light it a few times more.

– Start from your entrance door going clockwise into every room and corner.

– Before you start walking around, take a minute for a prayer at heart or aloud for all the family members living in the house.

– After the prayer you bring the smoke of the sage and the light to all rooms and corners of your home.

Before you enter each room, halt for a prayer and blessing. After the sage’s smoke has cleared a corner, then you bring the light there. If the light is very unsteady, wait until it has calmed down. Like this you pass through all your rooms at home.

In the bathrooms you don’t pray, just clear them with sage and candle light.

– After returning to the starting point, the entrance door, you thank.

After this short clearing ceremony you will feel a deep peace of mind, an inner quietness and a very special and harmonious atmosphere.

You really should try it!

May God bless you and your family!

Happy Holiday!