The energies at your home

By Anette Halfon

How do you feel at home? Are you looking forward returning home in the evenings? This is an important sign indicating that what kind of energies you have at home. The Chinese call this: good or bad Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an antique Chinese art which checks the harmonious relationship between a person and his surroundings. The Chinese discovered that a suitable environment helps the person to develop and succeed in life, to be more active and healthy, to have better relationships with his family and friends.

Everyone has his special likings that others don’t appreciate as much. One prefers one style and the other just the opposite. Everyone is different and that’s why he is attracted to certain things and certain needs. The house I like and I feel comfortable in, may not be suitable for you!

When visiting clients at first sight I sometimes think, what a strange house, who would choose something like this, and then after checking the personal charts of the family members who live there, I am surprised to find out that this strange home according to my view is exactly what this family needs to feel well in it.

Everyone is born with his own personal energies and he is implementing them on his home and surroundings.

So for all of you who are concerned about the energies in your home, there is a simple answer: If you feel good at home, if you are healthy in general, if you earn a good living, you don’t have anything to worry about. You probably enjoy very good energies.

But for all of you who think there might be place for an improvement, there are a few rules and tips that really can help you to bring better energies into your home.

The first rule is simple and also well known: Make order. A clean and organized home gives a good feeling and satisfaction. A home which is tidy helps us to concentrate better and therefore we can manage our life more efficiently, more successfully and much easier.

The second rule is: get rid of all the old stuff that you don’t use anymore and which takes precious space at home. Keeping and collecting stuff shows a certain kind of “being stuck” in life und an over-evaluation of the past. It’s better to let go of the past in order to improve the present and the future. By removing old stuff you are getting space for new things at home and in your life.

In addition to this simple common sense, there is much more meaning to order and cleanliness. According to Feng Shui the house or home is divided into areas according to their directions. Each area or room at home represents one of the family members and also certain aspects in our life, like health, income, stability and so forth. That’s why each problematic area, which may be disorganized or neglected, is influencing one of the family members and also a certain aspect in our life in a negative way.

For example the area in the North-west of each home is representing the father of the family, his income and authority. If you have a nice and well kept room in your North-west like a living room, office or bedroom, the man of the house will be in a good shape, feel well, is getting respect and will be able to make a good living. If there is a problematic room in the North-west like toilets or untidy and neglected facility rooms, his situation will be difficult, he won’t get his due respect and it will be much more difficult for him to earn a decent income.

I would like to give you an example of one of my consultations. I was invited to a regular family in a nice house. The room of one of their daughters was so upside down that I couldn’t even enter the room without stepping on clothes, shoes, blankets … everything was thrown around on the floor. I explained to the girl that the way she lives she is creating obstacles in her life, but this is her choice and her right to do so. But because her room was to the North-west, which is the area that influences her father, she is creating bad energy for her father in general and his income. Everything happening in her room is related to her father. She was a smart girl and understood the situation, she started to be more organized and a few months after my visit, she went to study somewhere. Her father moved his office into her old room and shortly after that he got a promotion at his work.

You see how important it is to watch the two easy rules that I mentioned above for your life. You just have to keep your home clean and tidy in order to create a better energy flow in your home. In this way you can influence all aspects in your life and also help all family members at home.

We wish you all lots of good luck and success!