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Anette Halfon, owner and manager of “Soul’s Mirror”, the international Center for Feng Shui, holds a Master degree in Theology and is a world known Master in Feng Shui and one of very few experts in the special field of Chinese Astrology “The Four Pillars of Destiny”.

anette halfon feng shui master

She gives lectures and consultations to private homes and businesses worldwide. Online classes to study Classical Feng Shui are on the way.

Our bestselling books are:

Feng Shui – The Mirror of your Soul, the full guide for a happy home with tips and help for each room and office, 2023

Marat Haneshama, the full guide in Hebrew, 2009

Appetizers for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology , the first  introduction to the subject for beginners(in Eng, Heb and German) 2012

Feng Shui for Love, 2014 (in Eng)

All books are available in and our webstore.

We must not forget our genius, unique and famous Feng Shui Energy Calendar which is published each year and the Yearbook of each New Chinese Year with all the Feng Shui corrections for the family, the home and the office.

Anette goes beyond space planning by combining all classic Feng Shui teachings with her large personal experience to help you create healthy relationships in your home and work environments, including your relationship with money, health and romance.

Feng Shui is a field, which hasn’t been totally researched yet and probably will never be. Because life and learning is dynamic and times constantly changing, we are compelled to adapt, to develop and to grow. Feng Shui is something one can learn, internalize and adopt as a lifestyle.

 Feng Shui provides many answers to a lot of existential questions.  It shows great possibilities to understand and to help people with their problems by easy and practical means. Nor we, or any other consultant can do magic, when a person comes to Feng Shui, he or she must be ready for change. Within the consultation we can only guide that person on the road to a more harmonious life. It’s up to him or her to take the responsibility for changing into the new direction.

Feng Shui is a way of looking into the soul; that’s why we called our institution “Soul’s Mirror”.