My dear friend and client James Van Der Beek about our latest Feng Shui experience.


Dear Anette,

Thank you so much!

Attending your feng shui course has been both intersting and eye opening. I enjoyed your knowledgeable and practical way of teaching this ancient wisdom.

I feel blessed for getting your consultation for my new house’s plans, and for the personalized feng shui map as well. It definitely helped me make some necessary changes and understand my “must do” and where to be cautious.

Your continuous support and great advise though the complex project of planning and building a new house, was, and still is, priceless.

I highly recommend anyone who is building, renovating, or just wants to get tuned in with the wisdom and energy of feng shui in their lives, to get your accurate and generous consultation.

I cannot express in words, how much your help and support were meaningful and helpful!

Thanks and God bless,


September 2018

Dear Anette,
my youngest grandson just wouldnt start walking yet by the age of 14 months and we all were very worried about his development. Then you came and changed his room and the position of his bed. You explained us that he was sleeping on the worst energies of the year. Immedeatly we did all you suggested and you wouldnt believe, less than 2 weeks later, he started walking and now he cant stop running.Thank you so much!

Tel Aviv, Israel
May 2018

Dear Anette, thank you for your book ‘’the mirror of the soul’’
Finally a book which introduces us to classical feng shui, its history, its strength and its effectiveness.
So simply, so clearly that what has been a headache for months becomes clear and applicable.
Step by step, I have been guided by your book to start understand, and start to improve our apartment.
It also helped me to understand the personalities of each one in the family…
This book answered to a lot of my questions and created a lot of new ones, I m waiting …
With patience… that you will start your on line classes.
Sarah – Haifa Israel 2017..

Thank you so much! I love your lectures and am so appreciative of you sending me the corrections, and telling me about the Facebook live stream. I talk about you all the time, as your information has helped to change my life, and I will continue to tell my friends about you (and now your FB page). Someday, I would love to see you in Central Florida!

Thank you again!

Suzanne, Florida, 2017
Thanks for your consultation

Dear Anette

Meeting with you was a wonderful experience . I am so excited about my backyard .. It is on the way to look totally different . The transformation to an amazing feel good environment is amazing! I did change the direction of the bed downstairs also.. Next are the pictures.. Placed a Crystal in the entrance.. On the light fixture in the middle…. Etc. so much to do.. I will be happy to e mail you photos … And still have work to do… I feel well about all the changes!

I thank you so much for your help , it was a pleasure to meet you , warm regards Malka

Miami, Feb.2012
(Background information: A., age 34, married +1, Israel, is suffering from bone cancer for years. Her husband is a musician.)

As promised, I want to write some words, how much Feng Shui helped me.

My psychological state and my health improved a lot. I almost don’t suffer any more of pain, I feel very optimistic and my monthly period came back after more than 3 years!

Work wise – work is constantly coming in, that I have to transfer to others. Also the CD of N. (her husband) is very successful and his CD was appointed for the yearly price of the best CD in channel 24.

A. (the daughter, age 4) is flourishing. She agrees to fall asleep in her room. It still takes her some time to fall asleep, and in the middle of the night she is moving into our bed, but all in all she has improved very much.

I feel that your consultation has helped us a lot. I consider myself as a rational and not a spiritual person, but the changes we did in our home under your advice, symbolized that we were ready to make changes and to improve our life and that we were really serious with it and it proved right very much!

I thank you very much for your help, your support and encouragement and I will recommend to everyone who wants to make changes and improve his life, to use Feng Shui. …

Thank you very much and a happy New Year


I thank you so much for your help , it was a pleasure to meet you , warm regards Malka

Israel, 2007
Thanks for your book

I thank you. I am totally “hooked” on the book. It is answering so many puzzles that I have about me and my family life.I would love to ask you few questions just to help me shade some positive energy that is so needed in my life. I hope you come back soon…I will save so I can have you here to guide us.

With lots of love and gratitude


Miami, 2009
“Ay, ay, ay, Anette,you were sooo right in your last lecture here in LA, that it scares me….what is your Tiger of this year doing to us????

I know you alerted us in your last lecture, I know you said it’s the Tiger year with lots of strong forces, I know you said we should be alert of lots of earthquakes, airplanes crashes, etc. but….now that’s it’s true (Chile, Tzunamis all over the Pacific line)….Imale’h…..I’m scared….

Happy Purim, my dear and keep alerting us…

Love you!!!”

Dorit, LA, 2010
Thanks for consultation

Hi Anette.

I am feeling better.I am almost finished with all the changes. The most amazing thing happenedwhen I removed the beaded African doll with the mask and spear. Four days later I received an answer to two questions I had been meditating on for at least a year. I am so grateful for that! I feel a shift in my ability to look at things in a new way after changing my garage to the other side. I have not painted yet as I am still cleaning and reorganizing. Thanks for all. Stay in touch.

Love and light, Gail

Miami, 2009
Thanks for your lecture

Hello, Anette!

I really enjoyed your presentation and found it very helpful. As soon as I got home, I removed the small mirror(with Yin/Yang) on the opposite side, attached to the bell chime and red tassel ornament I’d hung outside my front door a couple of years ago. You were right! The way the bagua mirror had been attached, it was NOT with the three solid lines on top!. I spent the next day cleaning and rearranging a few things, and taped a small rectangular mirror to my front door, as well as on the bottom side of two stone tiles I have on my very small balconies which have plants on them, so that they’d deflect the bad spirits emanating from the woman below.

Our home feels better already! I hope we’ll see each other again.

Thank you again for an informative and enlightening lecture! I am curious to learn much more —


Miami, La
Thanks for your consultation

Thank you Anette:)!

You know, it’s true, he always tells me that if I had more sense of humor; we could be much happier together, he’s the one who always finds a joke or how to make funny outcome of any event…and he tells me “laugh, life is short, don’t take life so seriously:)”.


It took me 33 years listening to him,

another few going to therapy and

one time listening to you, to let “the asimon fall”… = to understand myself:)

Thank you and love you:)!


La, 2007
Dear Anette,

Ella & I wanted to thank you for all your help with selling the house in Boca. We listed it on the right date and it went to contract in 3 days!!!

Bobby & Ella, Miami, FL

You worked miracles.

It is Mike from LA. You came to my place on the June 30, 2015 and then on September 8, 2015 I met my soul mate.

We moved 10 days ago to NYC.

We are getting married in NYC on April 17, 2016.


I wanted to provide you an update and thank you.

All the best,

Mar 31. 2016

Michael , LA, CA
Dear Anette,

Our little baby girl Alexa was born on Wednesday. Thank you so much for your help in having such a wonderful experience at our home. We really could feel the good energies around us.

Much love

Hi Anette!

How are you doing over there? Sending you lots of love and protection. It’s such a shame all the action that’s taking place over there. Is it in the charts? If so I hope an ending is soon as well.

We are doing SO MUCH BETTER since we shifted some things that you had us change. Especially me and James.

When are you coming back into town? Would love to see you again.

Sending love to you, your family and the Middle East.



Just wanted to update you that, after incorporating the changes you suggested, we put the house on the rental market at our ideal price… and had four offers – at full asking price – within a week!

I remember you mentioning that you were coming to Los Angeles again in October… we’d love for you to come look at the house Kimberly and I are living in. When will you be in town?

Thanks again,

Joe , LA, CA