Where is the Lucky corner in our home?

Anette Halfon

Anyone who has read a book about Feng Shui , found himself looking for the lucky corner at his home! In many such books one is told to put there a little water-fall, fancy stones, wind-bells and many more such things and all is good and well forever with luck and prosperity all over at home.

But unfortunately, things are not so simple! And I would even say complicated. But let us try and find your lucky corner in your home and also all the other corners.

Dividing your home into different sectors: The BAGUA.

According to compass directions we divide your home plan to equal sectors. Every sector has its meaning, which is tied to our family and our lives, time, direction and body. This house division we call” BAGUA”. How do we make the division? We measure the large side of the house and we divide it to three parts. Afterwards we do the same with the narrow side. And so we get a network of 9 equal squares.

First of all, we must measure the exact direction of our house with a compass. In all Feng Shui literatures we can see that in the picture of the Bagua the South is up and the North is down. But unfortunately not all houses are facing south. I already saw here in California that the” adviser” took the model from the book and put it on a house, and of course it did not work, because the house was in an opposite direction than the book. We have to turn around the Bagua according to the directions suited to every house. The South always remains in the South, but in every house the South is in a different place!

Only after we have found the South in our home with the help of a compass, we can proceed to find out where every sector is and its meanings!

It is very important to find out what is in every sector, because it affects directly all subjects related to it. For example it will make a big difference if there is a living room or a bedroom or instead a bathroom or a garage.

First daughter
Luck + Fortune
Middle daughter
Advertising+ Good Name
First Son
Youngest Son
Study + Harmony
Middle Son

The South

The south sector in every house represents all that has to do with communications, publicity and fame.

The south is related to fire therefore the reddish colors, from pastel pink to Bordeaux. For example one can use a red map or red pillows on the sofa and candles on the table.

South West

Here we arrive at a very important area, maybe the most important area in the entire house! Here is the wife’s area, the love and the romance.

First, as in every sector, we observe what room is in that area, what importance is given to the place. This way we relate importance to the subject! A way to activate the meanings of the sector we can use all colors of red, orange, yellow, brown and peach and such materials as tissue, pottery or clay. In any case, the area is worth watching and giving special attention, maybe a nice plant or flower pot.


This sector represents creativity, children, free time and inheritance. Here fit the colors of earth, also white and cream. It is advisable to put here a vessel of gold and silver, also pottery and clay to enhance the beneficial side of this corner.

North West

This is the most important sector for the man, is role as a father and provider, organizer and taking care of public affairs.

As a rule it is not good to have the kitchen in this area. If the answer is positive therefore our man has problems. There is little one can do, because the kitchen is there to stay, but we can reinforce the man by using metal and colors of white, beige, cream. Materials made of porcelain and clay will also strengthen this area.

Water is not appropriate here; this has to do with the 5 elements and their respective interaction. This is metal element area, therefore we use a lot of metal and water weakens it and rust sets in. A new editorial is forthcoming about the elements and their connections, so please be patient.


The North side of the house represents the career, profession and livelihood.

Here is the original place for a water- fall or an aquarium. But we must see to it that the water is in constant movement. To this area we would use things made of glass or mirrors. We can also use metal and the colors white, cream, gold, black and dark blue.

North East

This area is for a quiet corner to listen to music or to do some     reading. This is an area for study and quiet.

The colors are red and earth colors. Candles will add a lot not only to the ambiance.


The East area is connected to the sun rise, to development, to health, to determination, to strength and to energies at home. Here is the place for healthy and tall plants, preferably without thorns or poison. Also colors of greens, black and light blue are suitable and will strengthen the area. Here and in south east we can and should use a water-falls or aquarium.

South East

Finally we have reached our lucky corner, the corner of “dolce vita” and prosperity. Here we can strengthen all the subjects with lucky bamboo plants and the green colors and blue as in   the east.

All in all it is very important in what rooms are the sectors, because all that is present and happening in a certain area directly affects its meanings and whatever is represented there.

For instance, if I happen to have an untidy garage in the east sector, this will affect health, strength and lack of energy in the family.


To make order everywhere, not to leave things that are not in use any more, because they tend to block the flow of energy and new things are difficult to enter or to happen! Beside order, we can use colors or materials that are suitable to the area as explained earlier. These are primarily basic rules in Feng Shui at home. Of course there are more things beside these, but one cannot build a home without good foundations!