Our yearly Fengshui Calendar for 2023!

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Our yearly Fengshui Calendar for 2023!


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Your new Feng Shui Calendar for 2023 arrived!

Enjoy the daily energies and plan your days ahead by just watching the colors:


Yellow: It’s a great day!

Green: It’s going to be busy!

Brown: It’s a bit on the heavy side.

Purple: It’s a nervous and emotional day.

Blue: It’s a tired day.

Red: Don’t take unnecessary risks.


As easy as this! Off course there is a full explanation of the colors on the back of the Calendar.

Enjoy this amazing tool!


This special Energy Calendar has 2 layers: a general one and a personal one.

The general one shows the energies of each day , explained by the different colors.

The second level is very personal and can only be understood after an explained Astrologic chart, which will give the key of the deeper meaning of the energies each day, if they are a blessing for you, if it is a great day for business or rather not and much more. For a personal chart, please contact us.



Product Description

Our new Fengshui Calendar for 2023 is here!!!

It’s your energy guide for every day in 2023!

It is the ideal tool for everyone

who wants to stay tuned to the energies

and benefit from the auspicious ones!

3 reviews for Our yearly Fengshui Calendar for 2023!

  1. Ori

    This calendar is the most amazing tool. I use it dailly and find it very accurate. Wouldnt miss it. Its a MUST for everyone!!!

  2. Etel

    Anette’s Feng Shui Calendar is the best guide you will ever use! This is my 3rd year using her calendar on a daily basis. It is my energy map, and a landmark to my personal meetings, important professional events, vacations, and even dates! I tried to ignore it for a few days, just to see if I am being preprogramming my brain, but it proved itself to be accurate, each day!
    It is very simple to use, color coded and clear. Anette gave me an analysis of my blessing days and I match it to the calendar to enjoy and maximize each day even more. I even asked from her an analysis for my children and people I love.
    Enjoy your blessings!

  3. Melissa

    I don’t know how I lived life prior to having the Feng Shui calander as a constant guide. I do not schedule a thing without consulting with this most important tool. I wake up excited on my blessing days for I know that even if things start off rocky, I will be saved with a Feng Shui energy blessing.

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