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The energies for August 2020

Yes, the Monkey month is coming with full force. It’s getting interesting again.

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The Energies in July 2020

The Energies in July 2020   Half the Rat year is over and the passing June was the peak month of the year. The good news is: we made it till here!!! And the even better news is: from now on it’s getting easier. (I hope someone is listening up there😊)   The month of [...]

The Energies in June 2020

The Energies in June 2020 A new month with lots of emotional turmoil and strong clashes. The month of June 2020, the Water Horse, holds unpredictable, emotional and clashing energies. This month symbolizes a strong fire power under pressure, which will create an emotional Luna park. Imagine a spooking horse, jumping, running, scared, screaming... You [...]

The Energies in May 2020

Our patience is coming to an end and the nerves are coming out. It will be an "interesting" month.

The Energies in April 2020

April, the Dragon month, holds very powerful, expanding, practical and also spiritual energies. As the only mythological Zodiac animal we will feel the supernatural powers of the Dragon, the strength of seeing things in a bigger scale and proportions. You know already that the energies can be seen as the cycle of the 5 elements [...]

The energies in March 2020

The energies in March 2020 March, the Rabbit month, holds very energetic and practical energies with special attention to home and family. As the Rabbit in nature: the energies are very swift, easy going and practical, but also a bit on the hyper side. You know already that the energies can be seen as the [...]

The Feng Shui corrections for 2020

Dear friends, February the 4th 2020 starts the Chinese New Year of the Rat To turn the energies of this year to our benefit, to success and to happiness, it's important to watch a few rules, take some precautions and be ready for changes. 1. Protective measures for your home and office:  Prepare a [...]

The energies in January 2020

The Energies in January 2020 We all can feel the new energies already and yes, they are good! January is the month of the Ox with the characteristics of being busy, practical, family minded and hard working. You know already that the energies can be seen as the cycle of the 5 elements (water, wood, [...]

The energies in November 2019

The Energies in November 2019 Wow, wow, wow -  here we go. It’s the Pig month in the Pig year, which the Chinese call a "Self-punishment". So, this month will summarize somehow the problems of this year. The energies of strong water (the element of the Pig), which means thinking, contemplating and again thinking -  [...]

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