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Every house tells its story

Every House tells its Story  by Anette Halfon Today we want to show you, what your home has to tell about you, because the home itself is revealing a lot of details about its inhabitants' behavior or character. Fence and gate Many landlords build a huge wall with a closed gate [...]

Feng Shui and our Environment

The strong influence of our environment by Anette Halfon Nowadays Feng Shui turned to be a very popular subject in our society. There is a large variety of books available on the market and many practitioners offer lectures, courses and seminaries. We were asked already to give lectures for the fun of [...]

What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui By Anette Halfon Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom of the Chinese people, a special teaching that was carefully kept safe for the kings and the nobles. The Chinese knew the name of it, but not much more. Under Mao Ze Tung and the communist rulers it was [...]

What’s your Year Animal

What's your Year Animal? Everyone has got his birth date and with the help of "The 4 Pillars of Destiny", part of the Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, one can interpret it and learn about the person's character, his way of thinking and behavior, his strengh and power, but also his problems, health tendencies and [...]

Corrections for 2008

Corrections for 2008 This letter is an astrological forecast of this year of the Rat. I don’t want to frighten you, but to point out a few difficulties or problems in certain fields, which you may prevent by taking the right precautions. Consider this letter as a weather forecast with rain coming up, so you [...]

Tip for our daily Romance

Tip for our daily Romance By Anette Halfon Here comes a small tip to enhance our romance life without making too much effort. The way we are giving attention to our Dining room and our Bedroom, shows the attention we are putting into our romantic relationship. We rare refering here to the commonly used [...]

Your Character

Your Character According to the Chinese philosophy everything happening in heaven and on earth is following a certain pattern based on the order of the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and their interaction. This is also the basis of Chinese medicine. In Chinese Astrology the date of birth is translated into these 5 [...]

Yin and Yang

Yin & Yang According to the classic Chinese view, our world and the whole universe are divided into Yin and Yang. One does not exist without the other. These two principles are in contrast, oppose, attract and complete each other. That's why Yin and Yang are the reason for interaction, for development and [...]

The kitchen – The heart of your home

Your kitchen – the heart of your home By Anette Halfon The kitchen is the heart of each home. Here the meals are prepared, providing energy for our body without which we cannot survive. Therefore according to Feng Shui the kitchen is particularly sensitive and vulnerable. Where the kitchen is located [...]

Feng Shui for your kids

Feng Shui for your kids By Anette Halfon Many mothers come to me because of problems with their small and big children: the baby does not sleep, the boy is still wetting at night, the girl is aggressive and has problems in school or the eighteen-year old, young man, who is [...]

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