Shungite Pyramid

Product Description

The Shungite Pyramid is an extremely powerful tool for EMF protection, physical healing, work performance and Root chakra healing. Incorporating a shungite pyramid into your space is balancing and regulating the energy field and correcting any imbalances . It also acts as a protector & transformer of negative, harmful or electromagnetic energy.

Shungite is a natural geomagnetic material with a strong screening effect neutralizing high and microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation.  Shungite stones  don’t have a date of consumption, you can use them unlimitedly.

The right placement of the Shungite Pyramid:

anywhere you have many or big electronical devices like your office, near your laptop or TV or any place you want to clear of electronic energies.

Charging your Shangite stone:

  •  leave it for a day under direct sunlight or for a night under moonlight
  •  hold it over the smoke from sage  or fire from a candle
  • wash it under pure water
  • do this about once a month


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