Yoga exercise for your Eyes

by Anette Halfon

I learned this great exercise in my Yoga class with my teacher Michelle. Since I am doing this about twice a week, my eye sight (night vision and reading strength) has improved a lot. I really recommend that you try it too.

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight or lay down.

1.    Hold your thumbs up far right and left at eye level. Don’t move your neck. Just your eyes move from the left thumb to the right eleven times.

2.    Hold your left thumb down, the right up and move your eyes eleven times from the left to the right thumb.

3.    Now the left thumb is up, the right down. Move your eyes eleven times back and forth.

4.  Let your arms rest on your legs. Move the eyes from the ceiling to the floor up and down eleven times.

5.    Move your eyes in cycles first to the left a few times (against the clock), then to the right a few times.

6.    Hold your right thumb in front of you with your arm stretched out and focus on your thumb’s nail. Move the thumb towards your nose and back eleven times.

7.    Focus on something (picture, wall, book …) straight ahead of you and blink with your eyes very fast and strong eleven times.

8.    Fold your hands with your thumbs’ nails up. Focus on your nails for about 30 seconds without blinking. If 30 seconds is too long for you, start slowly as long as you feel comfortable and then increase the time till you reach 30 seconds.

9.    Rub your hands to feel the heat and put them on your eyes and relax.

This exercise can be done everywhere and whenever you feel like and it will immediately improve your sight, night vision or any other problems you might experience with your eyes.

Enjoy and feel the difference!