Project Description

Personal Counseling

Our personal counseling is beyond words. It can help with all personal problems, form health issues, psychological aspects, addictions … you name it!

By explaining your personality and advising you with colors, directions, exercise, food, choice of jewelry and so much more, you will experience a new person in you. Knowledge is power! Learn your own power and strength!

We only need you to send us:

Your date of birth with the exact hour and place

Son with heroin addiction and break up with family:

Dear Anette,

I just want to share with you good news. My son is in rehab right now in Utah. He found this place by himself and he just landed there, he called me on the way to the rehab. He will follow all your directions J and I did not call him first, he called me after he figured out everything with the rehab place. 

Thank you so much for your blessings and everything you’ve done for us.


May 19, 2016


Comparing charts for relationship

You are single and just met a nice person? Before you get head over into a new relationship, let’s compare your characters and see if you match or if you are getting into trouble. Also we will learn if this person is willing to get serious, or just playing around.

We only need you to send us:

Both of your dates of birth with the exact hour and place