Project Description

Choosing best dates for daily tasks and important events

Any important task or event from Wedding day, signing a contract, medical procedures, doctor’s visit or a housewarming party should be held on a day with the best energies possible to have everyone happy and to get the best outcome.  Good energies from the start will influence the beneficial continuation.

Selecting the best day for important events with Chinese astrology is crucial as it aligns the energy of the chosen date with the individual’s astrological profile, increasing the likelihood of success and positive outcomes. This practice considers favorable cosmic influences, ensuring that significant events, whether personal or professional, are initiated during periods of auspicious energy flow.

Our Feng Shui Energy calendar is an amazing tool for choosing the right dates.

This special Energy Calendar has 2 layers: a general one and a personal one.

The general one shows the universal energies of each day, explained by the different colors.

The second level is very personal and can only be understood after an explained Astrologic chart, which will give the key of the deeper meaning of the energies each day, if they are a blessing for you or not; if it is a great day for business or rather not and much more. The explanation of the personal chart will be the same for all your life, it never changes. You do it once and ejoy a lifetime.

Charge: $ 150 for choosing the right date for you

$ 38.99 for the Energy Calendar

$ 330 for the personal Astrology chart + the Energy calendar


Home birth Feng Shui consultation

You are pregnant and choose your own personal environment for giving birth?

Then you really should consider checking your home for the best energetic place to do so. For such an important event as birth you need all the support possible. We can help you choose the right place in your home with the best and most suitable energies for you; so, you and your baby will have a harmonious bond from the first breath on.

(Off course this consultation is not instead of proper medical assistance and preparation)

Cost: $299