Project Description

Any important event from Wedding day, signing a contract or a house warming party should be held on a day with the best energies possible to have everyone happy and to get the best outcome.  Good energies from the start will influence the beneficial continuation.

We only need you to send us:

What kind of event are you planning?

What’s your time frame?

Your date/s of birth with the exact hour and place


Home birth Feng Shui consultation

You are pregnant and choose your own personal environment for giving birth?

Then you really should consider checking your home for the best energetic place to do so. For such an important event as birth you need all the support possible. We can help you choose the right place in your home with the best and most suitable energies for you, so you and your baby will have a harmonious bond from the first breath on.

(Off course this consultation is not instead of proper medical assistance and preparation)

We only need you to send us:

  1. Your date of birth with the exact hour and place
  2. Floor plan (blueprint) of your home (can be accurately drawn by hand)

It’s important to mark the doors and windows.

  1. The year when the house/ building was built and/or when it was totally renovated (what changes were made)
  2. The exact compass directions while standing outside with your back to the building
  3. Pictures of each possible room in your home for this important event.