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Feng Shui home consultation

A . Feng Shui consultation for your home and family Our Feng Shui consultation will bring harmony and balance into your home and family that everyone will feel and benefit. For a consultation please prepare and send us: The dates of birth (with the exact hour and place) of each person living at home Floor [...]

Feng Shui business consultation

 Business consultation Let your business grow with our Feng Shui consultations. Enhance the beneficial work environment for you and your employees for better concentration, relationships and results. For a consultation please prepare and send us: The dates of birth (with the exact hour and place) of the manager and very important task employees (like accountant [...]

Personal Counseling according to Chinese Astrology

Personal Counseling Our personal counseling is beyond words. It can help with all personal problems, form health issues, psychological aspects, addictions … you name it! By explaining your personality and advising you with colors, directions, exercise, food, choice of jewelry and so much more, you will experience a new person in you. Knowledge is power! [...]

Choosing best potential dates for important events

Any important event from Wedding day, signing a contract or a house warming party should be held on a day with the best energies possible to have everyone happy and to get the best outcome.  Good energies from the start will influence the beneficial continuation. We only need you to send us: What kind of [...]

Lectures and seminaries

Lectures Feng Shui Master Anette Halfon is giving lectures with different subjects worldwide (in English, German and Hebrew). Her lectures are not only very informative and highly interesting and full of personal examples, they are an experience, which everyone enjoys and benefits! Topics of her lectures: Feng Shui for you home Feng Shui for Love [...]

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